Monday, January 21, 2008

Set a goal and make a move towards IIT

As great saying goes like this:-
"If you have trouble achieving the big goals, then break them down into smaller, more manageable goals. If you have trouble getting to work on the small goals, remind yourself of the bigger goals and purposes to which they lead."

The big goals are what will drive you, motivate you, and compel you to go forward. The smaller goals are what will actually move you steadily there.

When you have a big reason to take a small step, you're much more likely to find a way to take that step no matter what. String those small steps together and they'll add up to the big, important achievements you so earnestly desire.

Any accomplishment can be broken down into steps so small as to seem trivial. But put them all together, and the results are anything but trivial.

Keep putting one foot in front of another, and you can walk a thousand miles or even more, as long as you're motivated enough to keep going. Stay focused on those big goals, while persistently working through the small, day-to-day goals, and anything is within your reach.

Thought for the day

I am not afraid of failure. What appalls me is not giving my best.
When I do my best, even the most humiliating of defeats seems to be but a lesson. When I don't, I know that even the most exalting victory is nothing more than a fluke.

As some wise man must have once said;

" It's not the destiny that matters after all. What persists is the road traversed. "